General and Family Care

Check-ups and Cleanings

Attending regular check-ups is necessary preventative care that should not be neglected. Not only are oral exams crucial for detecting potential problems early, but oral exams also play a role in preventing other harmful illness that can impact the overall health of your body. This is because poor oral health has been linked to other serious health conditions. Attending regular checkups can prevent unwanted expenses and health concerns later. During each oral health exam, our professionals will complete a very precise routine check of your teeth to ensure any unforeseen health concerns can be avoided.
It is recommended that every adult and child receive an oral exam at least once every 6 months To get your oral exam done, please book an appointment.
Dental cleanings are needed to keep your teeth healthy and your oral hygiene in check. A Dental cleaning goes beyond what a person can do at home. During a dental cleaning, our team will carefully remove any tartar or plaque that has accumulated on the teeth. This type of cleaning requires special equipment and is done by the oral hygienist.

Oral Cancer Screening

The purpose of an oral cancer screening is to identify early warning signs of mouth cancer. The earlier this is identified, the more effective the treatment becomes. This procedure is conducted during your regular oral health examination. This is why it is crucial to maintain regular visits. Early detection of oral cancer can improve the chances of successful treatment. It is recommended that patients who do not use tobacco products have an oral cancer screening at least once a year, and patients who smoke or use other types of tobacco products should have at least two oral screenings per year.
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